Project 52: Broken

Project 52: Broken | You've Got Flair

This week’s theme, Broken, was a fun prompt and one that had me out exploring old and new places. I ended up choosing a photo that is from a place i’ve explored for years and one that I have photographed many times, all in different ways. 

This “broken” greenhouse is in my neighbors yard and was built in the early 1900’s along with the garden surrounding it. The garden and obviously the greenhouse started to crumble years ago until my neighbor invested the money into restoring it. They left the greenhouse as is for a reason unknown to me.  Even though its broken down, falling apart, and filled with glass from when it was in use, I love the way the ivy has taken over and the rust has begun to discolor it. Part of me wishes it had been restored, but the other part loves to look at it and think about what it was like in use. Not to mention its one of my favorite places to take pictures. 

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This image was taken for my weekly Project 52 challenge.