A Color Lover's Dream: Park Güell

Location Barcelona, Spain

Its been awhile since i've posted pictures from my trip to Spain back in April. Have I mentioned the time in-between then and now have been BUSY? A good busy of course–like this, this, this, and allll of these

I've had this post in draft mode since April and am so happy to finally have finished it. Park Güell is a happy place...hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I do. 


Our second day while in Barcelona, we hit Park Güell, the colorful park that has been on my to-do for a long time. It's also perhaps one of the most recognizable images of Barcelona out there.

Commissioned by Eusebi Güell and built by Antoni Gaudí, Park Güell has quite the story behind it. It also took 14 years to build. No shocker there. 1900 to 1914 to be exact. 

Designed as an estate for wealthy families, this colorful garden complex is more like the setting in a game of Candy Land. The use of color and intricate design elements to highlight the architecture is just amazing.

So amazing in fact, it was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1984. I love Gaudi's mind. I love his bold disregard for "classic," his seemingly twisted sense of geometry, his explosive color combos. I loooove his use of trencadís. Most of all, I love the inspiration he brings to artists to think freely and conceptualize outlandish projects.

If you're a Gaudí lover like me, check out Artsy's Antoni Gaudí page to learn more.

Park Güell is full of trencadís, broken ceramic tile shards. Tiles really get me...I mean have you seen my Tile Envy Pinterest board? I think its worth mentioning that after seeing all the variations of tiles in Spain, I am determined to have to sweetest Spanish tiled back patio in the history of patios.

I still have a few more posts coming to the blog about my trip to Spain. In the meantime, check out my post about our first day in Barcelona and beautiful Majorca.

A special thank you to Colby Buchananour travel advisor, for helping us plan such a great trip.


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