Having A Moment: Relaxation

The second installment of my new series, “Having A Moment,” is all about relaxation. Its been top of mind recently as things are busy & stressful both at work and at home. I've really been trying to slow down and find ways to help me relax after a long day.  I recently bought an essential oils diffuser and have been using a lavender scent before bed every night. My cat, Irving is very intrigued by the machine.

I also spent some time upgrading my bathtub situation. I bought a bamboo bath shelf, bubble bath, and made my bathroom more of relaxing place to spend some time.

Even with these small upgrades, stress is still real, but I have found that having something to look forward to at the end of the day and allowing yourself to escape reality and just relax, is a good start. 

Some r e l a x i n g inspiration for you:


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