Project 52: Light

Light – the beauty of the unpredictable. Its perfection is captured when you’re least expecting it.

This week's prompt was one with endless possibilities. Instead of seeking a particular subject or composition out, I waited for it to come to me. After all, that is often how the best photographs are made, blowing your expectations and leaving you with the question, "How I was I able to capture that?" That's exactly why I love photography. It's wildly unpredictable and you get something new every single time you shoot. I would estimate that 98% of my favorite photographs were taken at a moment when I quite literally only had a moment to capture them. That is the beauty of photography, don't you think? 

While photographing the annual Derby photoshoot for Cale & Cole, we were lucky enough to experience some excellent waves of light. I can't say the entire shoot was lighting perfection, but we quickly soaked up what we could get, when we could get it. And for good measure, I threw in a cat soaking up some rays as well because...cats and...light. 

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This image was taken for my weekly Project 52 challenge.