Project 52: One Love

Project 52: One Love | You've Got Flair

This year I have been fortunate to travel a lot. By the end of this year, I’ll have been to 3 different countries, including Spain (see here & here), Jamaica (see here & here) and France, amongst other domestic destinations.

However, I’ll be the first to admit that travel isn’t always fun. Just a few weeks ago my friends and I were leaving the Hamptons and accidentally ended up in Manhattan… in a pickup truck. Travel, especially international travel, brings with it a constant stream of frustrating surprises.

However, those same surprises teach me to adapt. Travel challenges me to step out of my comfort zone to immerse and engage with different cultures. By navigating issues that arise in a foreign environment, I feel creatively-charged, empowered, and refreshed.

Stepping away from the familiar and experiencing the diversity of human traditions reveals things that weren’t obvious to me before. My worldview is constantly evolving, which is reflected in my photographs and creative projects. To capture and share the unfamiliar is my one love.

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This image was taken for my weekly Project 52 challenge. 

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