Project 52: Step Back


I love to get up close to my subjects, but I also really appreciate a good wide shot. When traveling I always have my 35mm lens in hand. In my opinion, it's the best travel lens because of its wide angle and its ability to shoot close up subjects with the slightest distortion (a good distortion of course!). 

I shot this week's project 52 in Nantucket. It was pretty hard to choose just one image as everything is deserving of a "step back." I did manage to choose one though–and I think its a pretty good one. 

I was amazed by the homes in Nantucket. They were simply breathtaking. I initially stopped at this house because I loved the little sign hidden in the bushes, but after stepping back, I realized the fence was slanted. A mistake I suppose, but a kind of cool one. I also love the contrast of the green bushes surrounding the slanted fence. 

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This image was taken for my weekly Project 52 challenge.