The Refresh: 1st Edition

The Refresh

A weekly dose of inspiration to reignite your creative spark

I’ve considered myself a creative for years. However, that doesn’t mean I’m constantly bubbling over with new ideas. Creativity ebbs and flows. I believe the only way to get out of an “ebb” phase is to break from routine and seek out the unfamiliar. I find so many inspirational gems each week that I wanted an outlet with which to share them with other like-minded individuals. Thus, The Refresh was born.

The Refresh is a weekly newsletter intended to rejuvenate creativity. Each Friday it features interesting articles, images and graphics to illuminate new perspectives and inspire imaginative thinking.

I hope this newsletter will serve as a weekly reminder to help you step away from habitual routines to refresh your mind. Happy reading!

Image courtesy of  Kara Rosenlund .

Image courtesy of Kara Rosenlund.

Kara Rosenlund’s newest print series, East Coast of Australia, further justifies my desire to travel to Australia. Also loving her sketch book.

Image courtesy of  Jasmine Dowling .

Image courtesy of Jasmine Dowling.

Shit to think about. A visually perfect graphic summarizing the constant array of thoughts going through my head. Click through Jasmine Dowling’s portfolio for some serious design inspo.

Learn more about my morning routine in this week’s Project 52 prompt, Day-to-Day, here.

Image courtesy of  Architectural Digest Espana .

Image courtesy of Architectural Digest Espana.

A colorful & eclectic home built on the ruins of an old haystack in Spain’s countryside from Architectural Digest Espana. See the post here and the home tour here.

  Image courtesy of  Half Baked Harvest

 Image courtesy of Half Baked Harvest

Visit my go-to lady, Half Baked Harvest, for the greatest, photo-worthy dinners. These Antipasto Skewers with Kale Pesto might make an appearance on the dinner menu next week.

Image courtesy of  L  ou What Wear .

Image courtesy of Lou What Wear.

Don’t leave Mint Juleps at the track, make them at home! Lou What Wear consulted Rye on How to Make a Mint Julep Like A Pro.

Image of my mom taken in San Diego last Mother's Day.

Image of my mom taken in San Diego last Mother's Day.

Give your mom a hug this week! It's Mother's Day. A heartwarming interview with the maker mothers behind Indego Africa’s handmade products. I love this sweatshirt!

Image courtesy of  Smack Bang Designs .

Image courtesy of Smack Bang Designs.

Everyone has those [shitty] days and it's hard to get out of that funk. Discover How to Rebound After a Shitty Day by Smack Bang Designs.

Image courtesy of  A  ww Sam .

Image courtesy of Aww Sam.

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