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You've Got Flair | About Krista

About Krista

I’m Krista Walker—a lifestyle photographer, graphic designer and creative enthusiast living in Louisville, KY. By day I’m a graphic designer and by night I’m a freelance extraordinaire.

I look for flair in all things—from graffiti on a wall to a neon sign. I think of flair as that little something that contributes to someone’s originality or style. It’s always palpable, but rarely articulable. You’ve Got Flair was born out of my love for capturing the extraordinary in the ordinary. It has evolved to encompass design and branding, in addition to photography. My passion for aesthetics, design and functionality fuel all of my creative endeavors. The result is an imaginatively distinctive product that will undoubtedly start a conversation, or, at the very least, produce a smile.

I want to support your story, whether it be capturing memories or bringing your own professional passions to life. In addition to years of experience, I have a BFA in photography + a BA in public relations and graphic design from the University of Dayton. If you think we’d be a good match, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.